• DEKA ETX18L Battery, 340 CCA

DEKA ETX18L Battery, 340 CCA

  • Product Code: ETX18L

Factory Products, DEKA ETX18L Battery Our competitors are so jealous of our American made DEKAS that they list "Replacement for DEKAS" and try to substitute an inferior grade imported substitute. Be wary of cheap knockoffs, Only Factory Products carries the wildly popular DEKAS. 340 CCA



  • Ships fully charged and ready to install!
  • Sealed, Maintenance-Free Design; Vibration Resistant, Leakproof, and Spillproof.
  • Environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable.
  • New bolts included in every package. Also, includes brass spacers necessary for side mount cable installation.
  • Replaces: 01232, 02420200, 0645-197, 44030, 44359, 50-N18L-A3, 66010-82B, 71172, 740-1855, 7942, C50-N18L-A3, ES50N18LA3, M228A3, PC680, SY50-N18L-AT, TMO-321450, XT50-N18L-A3, Y-50-N18L-A, Y50-N18L-A-CX, Y50-N18L-A-LM, Y50-N18L-A2, Y50-N18L-A3, YIX50L-BS, YTX24HL, YTX24HL-BS

  • $192.05


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