• Factory Products, Reusable Micro Oil Filters, Chrome

Factory Products, Reusable Micro Oil Filters, Chrome

  • Product Code: 25-81J

Factory Product, Reusable billet lifetime Oil Filters. Reusable lifetime oil filters. THE LAST OIL FILTER YOU WILL EVER BUY FOR YOUR BIKE ! High Performance Stainless Steel Micron Oil Filter with Billet housing. This cleanable unit will filter smaller particles than normal paper filters. This filter also Pre cleans the oil with three powerful magnets to remove metal particles prior to the filter media. The filter media utilizes a fine stainless steel woven mesh element to capture particles as small as 25 microns. Using this filter increases engine horse power by 2 to 3% by allowing the oil to move quicker from the engine sump thereby reducing drag on the flywheel. The filter also has a pressure by pass valve to eliminate high pressure conditions caused by cold weather and dirty oil.

  • $190.25


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